• By Jacquelyn White
  • Posted Sunday, April 29, 2018

Congrats to our 2018 Teen Ink Winners

We asked for the most interesting, original stories that would make us laugh, cry and see the world in a slightly different way. And you delivered. OF all of the entries it came down to six winners, 3 in Highschool and 3 in Middle School.

High School Winners

“Difference in Bones” by Amelia Rhodes

“A Promposal Sonnet” by LeeAnn Reed

“Egocentrism vs. Discernment or (He vs She)” by Trélon Grant

Middle School Winners

“Sewn” by Katie Evans

"Manticore Marty Hates the Party" by Samuel Toner

“Mad” by Sarah Robertson

Congratulations again! If you didn’t win this year, no worries - keep a look out for next year’s contest!

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