• By Margaret Adam
  • Posted Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sensory Storytime for Children Saturday, September 17 at Lewisville Branch

Sensory Storytime welcomes children of all ages. Story-based activities aim to engage children with sensory integration challenges or autism spectrum disorders. Activities appeal to the widest possible range of development.

Why Sensory Storytimes? Families can enjoy freedom within a structured space for children regardless of expectations to sit still, listen quietly, or understand a story just by hearing it and seeing illustrations held up and shown to a group.

What happens during Sensory Storytime? Traditional storytimes may or may not include deliberate sensory input, planned interaction, freedom of movement, use of visual schedules, or built-in play time. For example, Sensory Storytime may feature just one story along with interactive story-based activities, concluding with time to enjoy music, scarf play, and bubble-blowing.

At Sensory Storytime, librarians are sensitive to children who may have delayed motor skills, atypical social skills, or discomfort with noise or crowds. Caregivers are welcomed without feeling they have to explain their children's behavior beyond being vigilant for basic safety. For more about libraries and autism, click here. Click here for The Autism Consortium.

Come enjoy interactive stories and rhymes at 11 am on Saturday, September 17th at Lewisville Branch. Reservations optional. Call 336-703-2940 to sign up or for more information.

Sensory Storytime, Saturday, September 17th, 11 to 11:30 am
Lewisville Branch Library, 6490 Shallowford Road Lewisville, NC 27023

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