• By Crystal Holland
  • Posted Friday, August 1, 2014

Database of the Month: eSequels

The eSequels database aims to include the best, most enduring, and most popular U.S. and British novels in series that might appeal to today's adult readers. You can think of a series book as a sequence of novels that shows the development of plot or character from book to book. Included in this definition are novels that share a cast of characters or location, where chronology may be minimal or problematic - e.g., many mystery series. In print and out of print series titles are included. eSequels does not cover children's or teen books, short story collections or non-fiction, with a few exceptions.

Under the What's New section, you will find a listing of forthcoming titles and special articles. You can access this resource under our Reading & Literature Online Resources page. Access is also available via The Readers' Page under Lit Links.

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