• By Merrikay Brown
  • Posted Monday, December 2, 2013

Preserve family memories through our Digitization Stations

Do you have family photos, VHS videos, slides of family gatherings, music or family recordings on audio cassettes, or old documents that you wish were in digital format? Now you can do so at one of four library locations that offer Digitization Stations. The locations are Lewisville, Central, Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center and Walkertown.

You may use the equipment on a walk-in basis or call ahead to reserve time. Materials stored in digital format makes it easier to create a digital scrapbook and to share via the Internet with family and friends.

These stations are free and open to the public, and library users have access to equipment that will scan flat documents (such as papers and photographs), slides, as well as audio equipment that can copy VHS cassettes, and audio cassettes to CDs and DVD formats -- a perfect way to preserve old photographs, documents and music.

Staff members are ready to answer questions about the equipment, and provide scheduled training when needed. Training sessions will include basic information on how to scan, store, and organize information and are designed to help new users to become familiar with the equipment. For more information call the Lewisville Library at 703-2940, Central Library at 703-3070, Malloy/Jordan East Winston Heritage Center at 703-2950 or Walkertown Library at 703-2990.

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