• By Raegen Luntz
  • Posted Wednesday, March 16, 2011

FCPL Now Has eReaders

In the past several months the popularity of e-readers has exploded onto the marketplace. What’s an eReader? In a nutshell it’s a small, lightweight, handheld device (roughly the width and length of a small hardback book) that can store anywhere from a couple of hundred books to over 1,000. Their lightweight, compact design allows you to enjoy your favorite books almost anyplace you go.

The Library now offers two different brands of eReaders you can check out, take home and try out for yourself. All ten library locations will each have a Barnes & Noble Nook and a Sony Reader available for check-out. Each eReader comes fully charged and preloaded with a variety of adult, teen and juvenile books.

The loan period will be seven days and cannot be renewed. All you need to check out an e-reader is to:

  • Present a valid library card in good standing
  • Present a current driver’s license
  • Be at least 18 years old

Our primary goal is to give our customers an opportunity to become familiar with different types of devices to help you determine if an eReader fits your lifestyle.

For more information about our eReader policy, including overdue fines and restrictions, please contact your location branch.

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