• By Candace Brennan
  • Posted Friday, June 18, 2010

Author Rachel Keener Is Coming to Central!

Local Author Rachel Keener is coming to 4th Thursday Book Club! Please join us for a special author visit June 24 at the Central Library Auditorium at 12:30. Rachel will tell about her newest novel, The Memory Thief, which follows her first novel, The Killing Tree.

About Rachel Keener

Much of Rachel's writing is influenced by her Appalachian heritage, and her childhood spent in the mountains of Southwest Virginia and the foothills of East Tennessee. A graduate of Carson Newman College, Rachel moved to North Carolina to attend law school at Wake Forest University. It was there, during class, while her husband took notes for the both of them, that Rachel began to scribble the ideas that would become The Killing Tree. By the time she completed law school she had more than a degree, she had a manuscript, and finally, a clear idea of what she wanted to be "when she grew up." Today, Rachel and her husband call the Winston-Salem area home. She spends her days being a momma to their two little boys. And at night, she writes on.


When Angel sets fire to her childhood home, it isn't the end--it's the beginning. Left with nothing but a few memories in her pocket, Angel escapes into the fields of tobacco, the only place she has ever felt safe. Hidden by those green-gold leaves, she sets her eyes on the mountains and believes someone waits for her there. Angel will do whatever she has to until she finds her. She longs to empty her pockets, hand over the answers to what became of her, and whisper, This is my story.

As Angel journeys toward the mountains, Hannah is struggling to tell her own story. The daughter of missionaries who follow the rules of a small and strict religious sect, modesty is prized above all else. Wearing floor length polyester skirts, and never cutting her hair, Hannah is forced to live a separate life from her peers. Until the summer her family moves to James Island, South Carolina. Slowly, Hannah begins to escape the confines of her strict upbringing, and soon makes a choice that will forever change the course of her life. As these two women's paths connect, Hannah's past will prove to mean everything to Angel's future.

Want to learn more about author Rachel Keener? Visit her website at www.rachelkeener.com. For more information about this author visit, contact Candace Brennan at 703-3022.

Thursday, June 24 @ 12:30
Central Library - First Floor in Popular Library area

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