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Air Fryer: How Do I Use One?

Published by Virginia Alejo Lopez / January 27, 2022

Learn some helpful tips about using and the benefits of an air fryer.

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Urban Farm School 2022 is accepting applications!

Published by Celine Richard / January 25, 2022

Urban Farm School is an opportunity for adult students to learn about creating and running a small market garden or urban farm.

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2022 Piedmont Regional Beef Conference (In-Person)

Published by April W Bowman / January 14, 2022

The 2022 Piedmont Regional Beef Conference will be held in-person on Thursday, March 3. Topics include hay feeding, stocking rates, bale grazing, designing cattle handling facilities, and making, storing, and feeding hay.

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Cold Weather Tips for Livestock

Published by April W Bowman / January 14, 2022

Make sure that your livestock are prepared for cold weather and snow!

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Arboretum Adult Education Classes for Winter 2022

Published by Leslie Rose / January 12, 2022

We hope to see you again this year for more Arboretum Adult Education classes!

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Basic Fertilization for Forages

Published by April W Bowman / January 10, 2022

Livestock and Equine Producers are FIRST grass farmers. Join us virtually on Thursday, February 10 at 6:30 p.m. to learn the basics of soil fertilization for forages (hay and pastures).

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